2021 Global Power 150

Rosaleen Blair

2021-11-05T11:29:35-07:002021 Global Power 150, 2021 International 50|

A passionate entrepreneur and pioneer in the global workforce solutions industry, CEO Rosaleen Blair founded Alexander Mann Solutions in 1997 with the ambition of transforming the way blue-chip multinationals attract, engage and retain top talent. Serving as CEO for 23 years, she led the business through huge geographic and revenue growth, a management buyout, four [...]

Shannon Block

2021-11-05T11:27:44-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

Shannon Block provides trusted and dynamic healthcare staffing services in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania as COO of Medical Staffing Services Inc. A member of ASA Healthcare and Women in Leadership committees, Block provides guidance, thought leadership and market intelligence while staffing clinical resources for critical need networks. During the pandemic, Block streamlined [...]

Beth Bowen

2021-11-05T11:26:55-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

Beth Bowen was appointed president of the Americas region at Brunel in 2019. Since then, she has championed employment diversification in the Houston office. In fact, seven out of 10 members of Brunel’s senior leadership team in the Americas region are female as of this year. In addition, four out of 10 are people of [...]

Kelly Boykin

2021-11-05T11:25:00-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

Kelly Boykin, senior VP, Global Alliances, at Aquent recently launched an initiative to measure MSPs using proprietary data and 22 key performance indicators, which led Aquent to exit 19 unbeneficial programs, saw financial and operational performance improvement in remaining programs and gained new hiring manager access in 26 programs. Boykin is an inaugural member of [...]

Melissa Brenner

2021-11-05T11:24:15-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

Melissa Brenner, executive VP of integrations and operations strategy at Eliassen Group, is credited with strengthening Eliassen’s cybersecurity; keeping pace with ever-evolving technology; and protecting the confidential information of Eliassen’s clients, employees and organization from innumerable potential security breaches. Since she joined in May 2019, she has positively impacted the organization in a variety of [...]

Lisa Brezonik

2021-11-05T11:10:22-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

Lisa Brezonik is CEO of Salo, a firm that matches organizations with senior finance, accounting and HR consultants. Having built her career around helping people and organizations grow and thrive, Brezonik joined Salo in 2015 and assumed her current role in 2018. Under her leadership, Salo expanded from a regional to a national company in [...]

Hayden Brown

2021-11-05T11:08:18-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

Upwork President and CEO Hayden Brown recognizes that Covid-19 has changed work forever, proving old models of work are in need of — and capable of — change. Brown and her team have spent this transformational period innovating Upwork’s products and expanding from offering a single product — Talent Marketplace, its crown jewel — to [...]

Tammy Browning

2021-11-05T11:07:38-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

As president of KellyOCG, Tammy Browning is responsible for the company’s $10 billion global MSP portfolio. Fifteen months after Browning became president, her team posted its most successful year, having won more than $3 billion in new business. Her vision led to the launch of Helix UX, a customer user experience portal for MSP customers [...]

Barbara Bruno

2021-11-10T15:23:15-08:002021 Global Power 150, 2021 International 50|

Barbara Bruno is the global temporary and permanent staffing senior director for Gi Group, an Italy-based €2.5 billion staffing firm. She is responsible for the practice’s business model, including coordinating strategic decisions and adapting them to various local markets. Bruno most recently launched a candidate management program, including a reengineered sourcing strategy shifting the focus [...]

Alexandra Campbell

2021-11-05T11:05:33-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

With more than 10 years in staffing, Alexandra Campbell plays an instrumental role in the success and rapid growth of Tundra Technical Solutions’ RPO and core recruitment service offerings across North America. She has helped position Tundra as one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the US and one of the largest staffing firms in [...]

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