Their contributions are as varied as the companies they represent, from multibillion-dollar powerhouses to niche firms. “They” are the 2023 Global Power 150 Women in Staffing honorees.

To understand the expertise and influence wielded by women on this year’s list, look no further than the accolades in their nominations: “Led the integration of two major players in IT staffing.” “Directly impacted monthly revenue increases of 36% this year and average 10% growth year on year.” “Created AI lead distribution which brought quantifiable value and efficiency to health systems in addition to increasing … conversions by four times.”

“Won more than 18 new clients that represent $12.5 billion in spend under management.” And while these women are a driving force in their organizations, they are also working to boost others’ careers — within their own firms and beyond. One honoree was credited for women in senior leadership reaching 44% in her firm from zero three years prior. Another established a personal mentor relationship with a business contact: “Committed herself to mentoring me, coaching me through various aspects of business development.”

These characteristics will be even more vital in the year ahead. Recent headwinds facing the staffing industry include softening demand for temporary and contract workers, a shortage of skilled workers and high turnover rates, among other challenges. Yet the women on this list are well equipped to spearhead innovative solutions and position their businesses for other tests the coming years may bring.

Congratulations to the 2023 Global Power 150 Women in Staffing. From CEOs to counsel to sales leaders and industry spokespeople, the women represented this year are supporting the industry through massive change. Having just reached soaring heights post-pandemic, they are managing their firms through challenging economic and often geopolitical upheaval.