2023 Americas 100

Sunny Ackerman

2023-11-14T09:40:37-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

In the last year, Sunny Ackerman has led SThree’s Americas business to double-digit profit growth, driving US revenue to regional highs. As executive sponsor of global sales transformation, she fueled the organization’s top-line growth in the Americas. Her approach resulted in sales segmentation and emerging specialties, establishing her region as a STEM staffing leader. Ackerman [...]

Christine Adams

2023-11-07T04:55:34-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

Christine Adams loves how the staffing industry affords her the ability to make an impact on her company, her clients and her employees. She recently partnered with AlertMedia to streamline emergency mass communications and worked with 20 leaders to get them certified as OSHA experts. Adams pays close attention to safety loss control and was [...]

Samira Alimohammad

2023-11-07T09:38:46-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

Samira Alimohammad excels in assessing regulatory and contractual risks, safeguarding the operational models of Specialist Staffing Group, the US subsidiary of SThree. Alimohammad has played a pivotal role in a number of global projects, including supporting business expansion in new areas. She is adept in crafting commercially minded solutions to mitigate risks, including reducing external [...]

Adele Alvarez

2023-11-07T04:50:50-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

Adele Alvarez is responsible for more than $2 billion in spend across MSP, RPO, direct sourcing and procurement offerings at Allegis Group. So far in 2023, she has extended contracts with two of the organization’s largest clients and launched a cutting-edge RPO solution in the education sector. Alvarez’s favorite part of her role is witnessing [...]

Fabrícia Antunes

2023-11-08T14:38:55-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

After joining PageGroup in 2007, Fabrícia Antunes worked across different divisions and projects in Portugal, Brazil and Mexico, where she recognized a market opportunity offering a high-volume recruitment service with consultancy and built a business plan to invest in its development. This January, Antunes was promoted to managing director of Page Outsourcing Latin America, one [...]

Patti Artley

2023-11-07T04:44:47-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

Patti Artley is the company’s leading clinical voice on the challenges facing the nursing industry and how to meet them head on. While leading a successful clinical team, she has helped hospital partners adopt evidence-based best practices to make workflow more efficient, and she has collaborated with hospitals and universities to develop new clinical pipeline [...]

Stephanie Wernick Barker

2023-11-07T04:42:47-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

Stephanie Wernick Barker’s holistic approach to leadership, emphasizing employee well-being, contributed to Mondo’s 110% compound annual growth rate over her five-year tenure. Under her leadership, the company this year made its first appearance on SIA’s largest staffing firms list with 2022 revenue of $200 million. Besides leading Mondo to prosperity, her pivotal role within the [...]

Sue Bhatia

2023-11-07T04:35:41-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

Over the last year, Rose International’s Sue Bhatia has connected with over 93,000 followers on topics including the gig economy, diversity, job creation and economic sustainability. Under her leadership, the company — in partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund  — through its Rise initiative worked to award scholarships, provide entrepreneurial coaching and recruit students [...]

Joanie Bily

2023-11-07T04:33:55-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

With 27 years’ industry experience, Joanie Bily is a labor expert, media contributor and advocate for the advancement of the staffing industry. She has spent the past eight years at Employbridge, the largest industrial staffing company in the United States with $3.6 billion in 2022 revenue. As the incoming chair of the American Staffing Association [...]

Shannon Block

2023-11-07T04:18:08-08:002023 Americas 100, 2023 Global Power 150|

Shannon Block has spent her 15-year career with Equiliem and specializes in creating customized client solutions based on their specific needs across a vast profile of mediums. In 2023, Block drove two significant business units to achieve key production milestones, ultimately reaching growth rates surpassing industry expectations. She also refined Equiliem’s internal onboarding process to [...]

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