2019 Global Power 150

Rhona Driggs

2019-11-15T08:37:13-08:002019 Global Power 150, 2019 International 50|

Rhona Driggs was promoted to CEO of Empresaria Group in June 2019 from COO. She oversees 20 businesses in 21 countries. Under her leadership, Empresaria is accelerating the pace of change and aligning the company’s businesses to drive growth and create scale with its key sectors. Driggs regularly participates in leadership panels, podcasts, eBooks/interviews and [...]

Janet Elkin

2019-11-08T07:08:47-08:002019 Americas 100, 2019 Global Power 150|

Janet Elkin is president, CEO and co-founder of GHR Healthcare, a provider of healthcare staffing solutions with five main lines of business. Through acquisition and organic expansion, the company includes 10 locations and two national divisions. Her background includes over 25 years of healthcare staffing, marketing, management and public relations. Elkin is a Staffing 100 [...]

Isabelle Eynaud-Chevalier

2019-11-15T08:37:44-08:002019 Global Power 150, 2019 International 50|

Isabelle Eynaud-Chevalier was appointed general manager of Prism’emploi, the French association of employment agencies, in May 2018. Prior to Prism’emploi, she was deputy director general strategy and social innovation for Lee Hecht Harrison-Altedia. Eynaud-Chevalier began her career with the Ministry of Labour and Employment in 1991. She then joined the HR department of the Ministry [...]

Amy E. Feldman

2019-11-08T07:08:50-08:002019 Americas 100, 2019 Global Power 150|

Amy E. Feldman is the general counsel of The Judge Group Inc., the 36th-largest staffing firm in the US. She joined the firm in 1998. Feldman is also a nationally syndicated legal correspondent with extensive media experience as a legal explainer on television and radio. Her radio segments are broadcast daily in 34 markets in [...]

Traci Fiatte

2019-11-08T07:08:54-08:002019 Americas 100, 2019 Global Power 150|

Traci Fiatte, CEO of non-technical staffing at Randstad US, consistently works to shape the world of work by delivering job opportunities to people inside and outside of the organization. Fiatte oversees the strategic direction and operational execution of several non-technical professional business lines including Randstad Professionals, Life Sciences, Tatum, General Staffing and Strategic Accounts which, [...]

Lynne Marie Finn

2019-11-11T13:38:58-08:002019 Americas 100, 2019 Global Power 150|

Lynne Marie Finn is president and CEO of Broadleaf Results Inc., an Aleron company and a VMS, MSP and RPO provider. Aleron Group is the 37th-largest staffing firm in the US. Over the past year, the industry veteran helped lead the strategic acquisition of TalentRISE, a provider of recruitment process outsourcing and executive search. Finn [...]

Myra Fischer-Rosinger

2019-11-15T08:50:51-08:002019 Global Power 150, 2019 International 50|

As director of swissstaffing, Myra Fischer-Rosinger has been working for the organization since 2006. During that time, she has played a significant role in boosting public awareness of swissstaffing, introducing the collective bargaining agreement on staff leasing, and developing the training fund for temporary workers. She represents the staff leasing sector on the board of [...]

Alex Fleming

2019-11-12T13:31:11-08:002019 Global Power 150, 2019 International 50|

Alex Fleming joined The Adecco Group directly out of university in 1997 as a recruitment consultant, and worked her way up to her current role as country head and president of Staffing and Solutions, UK & Ireland, where she drives strategic direction, innovation and new growth opportunities. In July 2019, she was awarded a place as corporate [...]

Mónica Flores Barragán

2019-11-11T13:41:58-08:002019 Americas 100, 2019 Global Power 150|

As Manpower-Group’s president of Latin America and member of its global senior leadership team, Mónica Flores Barragán is responsible for the company’s operations and digital transformation across 18 countries, with 3,500 employees and 350,000 associates. She has implemented social responsibility programs in the region, including the ManpowerGroup Foundation, focusing on formal employment promotion, training and [...]

Melanie Forbes

2019-11-13T14:46:28-08:002019 Global Power 150, 2019 International 50|

Since joining Rullion as group managing director just over a year ago, Melanie Forbes has been laying the foundations for growth by developing the people, defining the products and services to clearly position Rullion in its markets. With over 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry, she is an expert in managed service, recruitment [...]

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