2018 Global Power 150

Allison Beer

2018-11-09T09:45:52-08:002018 Americas 100, 2018 Global Power 150|

As president and CEO, Allison Beer’s vision for Fastaff and U.S. Nursing is rapid growth in an ever-changing market. Leading two brands that fill a unique marketplace niche, Beer’s teams grew capabilities in the hard-to-fill, rapid response and job action preparation travel nurse staffing sectors in 2018, extending an industry lead even further. Facing an [...]

Suzana Bernhard

2020-10-06T13:01:53-07:002018 Global Power 150, 2018 International 50|

As managing director of DEKRA Arbeit Group, Suzana Bernhard oversees 770 internal employees in 18 countries in Europe and Morocco and has led the company to more than €500 million in revenue. Bernhard was appointed to her current position in 2000 when the company had only a few offices; she has since helped lead its [...]

Himanshu “Sue” Bhatia

2018-11-13T07:46:33-08:002018 Americas 100, 2018 Global Power 150|

Himanshu “Sue” Bhatia founded Rose International in 1993. Driven by Bhatia’s focus on technology innovation and staff professional development initiatives, the company has grown organically to serve in all 50 US states and now ranks as the 57th-largest staffing firm in the US. Rose International is one of the nation’s largest minority- and woman-owned workforce [...]

Lynn Bierling

2018-11-09T09:42:11-08:002018 Americas 100, 2018 Global Power 150|

Lynn Bierling is senior VP and principal at Apex Life Sciences, part of ASGN, the third-largest US clinical/scientific staffing provider. Over her 20-plus year career at Apex Life Sciences, she has led teams in every facet of business operations from regional management to national sales and recruiting. In her current role, she forges and strategically [...]

Rosaleen Blair

2018-11-07T12:06:27-08:002018 Global Power 150, 2018 International 50|

CEO Rosaleen Blair founded Alexander Mann Solutions in 1996 with an ambition to revolutionize and professionalize the way blue-chip multinationals attract, engage and retain top talent, while helping the best people in business achieve their fullest potential. The company now employs 4,000 people in more than 80 countries worldwide. Acquired by New Mountain Capital in [...]

Leah Bourdon

2018-11-09T09:41:27-08:002018 Americas 100, 2018 Global Power 150|

Leah Bourdon has reinvented her career several times since joining ALKU as a recruiter in 2011. Now director of training and development, Bourdon has instated a leadership training program that will continue to develop current management within the company; she also has taken on the role of overseeing the marketing department. With her influence, ALKU [...]

Katie Bouton

2018-11-09T09:40:54-08:002018 Americas 100, 2018 Global Power 150|

Founder and CEO Katie Bouton launched Koya Leadership Partners on the belief that the “right person in the right place can change the world.” Nearly 15 years later, Koya has been named to Forbes’ “America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms” list and Inc. 5000’s List of Fastest Growing Private Businesses, as well as SIA’s Fastest-Growing US [...]

Maalfrid Brath

2018-11-07T12:18:34-08:002018 Global Power 150, 2018 International 50|

Maalfrid Brath is managing director for ManpowerGroup in Norway, the largest staffing company in the Norwegian market representing 20% of the total sales revenue. She first joined ManpowerGroup in 2009. Prior to that, she spent 15 years with Storebrand in Norway serving in various leadership roles, most recently as executive vice president. Brath is chair of the board of directors at the Norwegian staffing [...]

Andrea Brenholz

2018-11-15T13:09:47-08:002018 Americas 100, 2018 Global Power 150|

2018 was a monumental year for ATR International’s Andrea Brenholz, who was promoted to CEO and president from chief strategy officer. Brenholz, who attributes her success to “living and breathing” the staffing industry, has risen through the ATR ranks since joining the company in 2007 as a marketing specialist. In and out of the office, Brenholz aims to be a voice for female and minority [...]

Sue Burnett

2018-11-09T09:36:50-08:002018 Americas 100, 2018 Global Power 150|

Sue Burnett is founder and CEO of Burnett Specialists, the 18th largest employee-owned company in the US. In 2018, adding to her list of career accomplishments, Burnett was named one of Houston’s “Most Admired CEOs,” and Burnett Specialists was ranked “Largest Direct-Hire Placement Firm” and “4th Largest Temporary Staffing Firm” by the Houston Business Journal. [...]

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