2016 International 50

Ilonka Jankovich

2016-11-22T10:08:20-08:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Ilonka Jankovich is venture partner of the Randstad Innovation Fund, which supports entrepreneurs to contribute to the digital strategy of Randstad. For the first 10 years of her career, Jankovich was an M&A lawyer in Amsterdam, London and Budapest. In 1996, she founded Legal FlexForce, a permanent recruitment and contracting firm based in the Netherlands. [...]

Nathalie Jaoui

2016-10-25T14:14:19-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Nathalie Jaoui became deputy CEO and head of temporary employment and recruitment at Groupe Crit in 2002 and oversees the ongoing series of acquisitions that is driving Group Crit’s growth in the US market. She joined Group Crit in 1989, served as a director of the company from 1992, and later served as CFO. Jaoui [...]

Ineke Kooistra

2016-11-10T08:26:55-08:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Ineke Kooistra has been CEO of YoungCapital since 2013. The company is reported to be the largest student employment agency in the Netherlands. Kooistra entered the staffing industry in 1993 as a manager at Unique Uitzendbureau (now part of USG People), leaving in 2000 to become business line manager for CSS Professional Resources. She joined [...]

Barbara McGrath

2017-04-11T09:29:15-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Barbara McGrath was appointed deputy managing director of the Brightwater Group in 2015. She joined BrightStar Recruitment (formerly Brightwater Support) as head of recruitment in 2005. McGrath was appointed regional operations manager in January 2007, and a year later was promoted to operations director. In January 2011, she was appointed to the board, where she [...]

Shona McManus

2016-10-30T08:58:10-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Shona McManus is the CEO and owner of Dublin-based Osborne Recruitment Consultancy. McManus began her career as a recruitment consultant, accounting and finance, for SkillsGroup International. She then held a role at Brightwater Selection before becoming branch manager at Grafton Recruitment. From 2007 to 2013, she served as VP and committee member of the National [...]

Nicola McQueen

2016-10-30T09:00:22-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Nicola McQueen has worked in the recruitment industry for 17 years. She joined Capita in 1999 as a recruitment consultant and was appointed managing director in 2016. McQueen is responsible for Capita Resourcing and its wider businesses, including the overall management of all client solutions, the core delivery teams, strategic account development and management of [...]

Julie Mills

2016-10-25T14:06:33-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Julie Mills is CEO of Australia’s Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association (ITCRA). She joined ITCRA in 2010 as a business manager, having previously served as CEO of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA) for Australia and New Zealand, which she joined in 1999. In 2010, Mills was awarded an honorary life membership for [...]

Angela Mortimer

2016-10-25T14:06:23-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Eponymous founder and director of Angela Mortimer PLC, Angela Mortimer has launched and progressed the careers of more than 250,000 women through her belief in the importance of their contribution to the workplace. A member of the International Women’s Forum for more than 15 years, Mortimer has been an affiliate council member of European Management Assistants [...]

Annemarie Muntz

2016-10-25T14:06:07-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Annemarie Muntz is president of the World Employment Confederation (WEC, formerly known as Ciett), and its European counterpart WEC Europe. She is an influential lobbyist in the European Union, representing the interests of the employment and recruitment industry. In addition to her roles at the WEC, Muntz is director of group public affairs for Randstad. [...]

Yukiko Nagashima

2016-10-25T14:05:55-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Yukiko Nagashima joined Recruit Holdings in 1985. After gaining experience in the recruitment advertising business, she moved to the HR department in 1995, where she was the head of hiring and training. In 2006, she was promoted to corporate executive officer, one of only three female board members in Recruit’s history. Nagashima was appointed president [...]

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