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Jenna Dobbins

2021-11-05T10:47:30-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

As VP of human resources for Pontoon Solutions’ global team, Jenna Dobbins is focused on the development of employees’ skills and encourages employee career progression, launching a learning initiative that resulted in 31,000 training hours, a 450% increase in learning platform engagement, a 40% promotion/lateral career advancement rate and record-breaking employee satisfaction scores. Dobbins promoted [...]

Kate Donovan

2021-11-10T15:38:44-08:002021 Global Power 150, 2021 International 50|

Kate Donovan is senior VP for ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions in North America, which includes recruitment process outsourcing and the Tapfin managed service provider divisions. Donovan is also the president of Talent Solutions’ strategy and Global Center of Excellence, providing leadership to ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions’ organization globally. She is both a frequent writer for industry publications [...]

Rhona Driggs

2021-11-05T10:44:53-07:002021 Global Power 150, 2021 International 50|

Under CEO Rhona Driggs’ leadership, Empresaria Group introduced its Stronger Together initiative, working toward aligning the company around core values and sectors and increasing investment in key areas to support its operations, which was instrumental to the company’s successful navigation through the pandemic. Driggs has attracted high-profile and talented individuals to the listed UK-based global [...]

Kate Duchene

2021-11-05T10:44:11-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

With Kate Duchene at the helm as CEO, human capital firm RGP achieved $629.5 million in 2021 revenue, and its Veracity digital consulting business grew by 36% in its fiscal fourth quarter. RGP employs 5,000 professionals and has more than 2,400 clients, including more than 85% of the Fortune 100. Duchene places focus on employee [...]

Suchita Dutta

2021-11-12T10:17:48-08:002021 Global Power 150, 2021 International 50|

As the executive director of the Indian Staffing Federation, Suchita Dutta is responsible for strengthening the efforts of the staffing industry toward comprehensive growth, building strategic relationships and establishing effective linkages between industry, employers, government and temporary contractual employees. Dutta led the changes through public policy efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic and engaged in supportive [...]

Isabelle Eynaud-Chevalier

2021-11-05T10:43:39-07:002021 Global Power 150, 2021 International 50|

With over 25 years’ employment, HR management and vocational training experience, Isabelle Eynaud-Chevalier is general manager of Prism’emploi, the French association of employment agencies. She began her career with the Ministry of Labour and Employment in 1991 and attained her current role in 2018. Under her leadership, Prism’emploi prioritized health security during the Covid-19 crisis [...]

Traci Fiatte

2021-11-05T10:31:33-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

Traci Fiatte, CEO of professional and commercial staffing at Randstad USA, oversees business lines that together comprise 2,000 internal employees at more than 600 locations and represent about half of the Randstad USA portfolio. With a focus on business transformation and creating avenues to better align with key stakeholders and increase revenue across the business, [...]

Karen Fichuk

2021-11-05T10:30:48-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

As CEO of Randstad’s core business brands in the US and Canada, Karen Fichuk is responsible for the largest operating company in Randstad’s global portfolio, which represents 20% of the organization’s total revenue and employs more than 5,700 corporate staff in 1,158 branches and on-sites. Her team delivered above-market performance last year and, despite the [...]

Hope Field

2021-11-05T10:24:00-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

Hope Field is known for delivering results. As VP of sales at Staff Management | SMX and Simos Solutions, Field leads a team that bridges talent gaps by providing cost-effective and culturally aligned solutions for their clients. Never phased by a challenge, Field achieved sales growth during Covid-19 by pivoting to a virtual sales model, [...]

Michelle Filipkowski

2021-11-05T10:22:44-07:002021 Americas 100, 2021 Global Power 150|

As senior VP of client services, Michelle Filipkowski’s leadership and exacting standards have established trustaff as a key industry player and partner of many MSP/VMS organizations. Throughout the pandemic, her leadership and careful collaboration with the organization’s recruiting and support teams enabled trustaff to meet the continual demand for critical healthcare providers. Filipkowski and her [...]

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