2017 North America 50

Janette Marx

2017-09-20T12:55:53-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

As COO of Airswift, Janette Marx has mastered the art of employee engagement and is never too busy to spend time with or express thanks to employees. Marx’s talents were on full display in 2016, when she helped orchestrate a major merger, successfully blending the cultures of two former competitors and creating a stronger, unified [...]

Lisa Maxwell

2017-09-20T12:55:48-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

Under Lisa Maxwell’s leadership as managing partner, Gerard Stewart has continually expanded its client portfolio and reported record-breaking revenue growth of 47% in 2015 and 62% in 2016. She helped expand the company’s footprint and sphere of influence, adding support to Asia Pacific clients and an office in Silicon Valley. Known for her balanced viewpoint [...]

Robin Mee

2017-09-21T12:34:31-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

Robin Mee is president of Mee Derby, a leading search firm for the industry. A frequent presenter at industry events, she is regarded as a thought leader and subject-matter expert. In 2016, the American Staffing Association honored Mee with the inaugural “Volunteer of the Year Award.” In addition to co-founding and leading ASA’s “Women and [...]

Taryn Owen

2017-09-20T12:55:13-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

During Taryn Owen’s tenure as president, PeopleScout has grown an impressive 350% through a combination of organic growth, acquisition and vertical integration. Between 2016 and 2017, Owen successfully led the company through the acquisition of Aon’s RPO division and the integration of MSP operations from sister company Staff Management | SMX. These initiatives helped strengthen the [...]

Cynthia J. Pasky

2017-09-21T12:34:57-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

President and CEO Cynthia J. Pasky founded IT staffing provider Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3) in 1990, leading the $320 million firm to rank as the 21st-largest IT staffing firms in the US in 2017. In addition to its 25 US locations, Detroit-based S3 has offices in seven European locations. With giving back an integral part [...]

Ranjini Poddar

2017-09-20T12:54:56-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

Ranjini Poddar is co-founder and CEO of Artech Information Systems LLC, the largest women-owned IT staffing firm in the US, with more than $434 million in revenue and 7,200 employees across the US, India, China, Canada and Mexico. Poddar has instilled in Artech’s culture a philosophy of client-centricity and execution excellence. She was recently honored [...]

Jill Quinn

2017-09-20T12:52:23-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

Jill Quinn has been a pioneer and strong female leader in the male-dominated transportation staffing industry for more than 20 years. Under her tutelage as president of Centerline Drivers, a TrueBlue company, Centerline has overcome severe talent shortages, growing into a nationwide operation employing more than 50,000 drivers and tripling revenue in less than 10 [...]

Joyce Russell

2017-09-20T12:51:13-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

President of Adecco Staffing US and one of the most recognizable names in the staffing industry, Joyce Russell serves as an outstanding example for anyone aspiring to make a mark in the human capital arena. Her success as a business leader, her insights as a thought leader, her advocacy for women in the workforce, diversity [...]

Susan Salka

2017-09-20T12:50:59-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 North America 50|

Susan Salka’s leadership has been revolutionary for the US healthcare staffing market. As CEO, president and director of AMN Healthcare, Salka continues to challenge her team and the industry to defy convention and think innovatively to solve the toughest workforce issues within the evolving healthcare environment. She is a relentless force in elevating women in [...]

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