2017 International 50

Rituparna Chakraborty

2017-09-20T12:42:18-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

A recruitment industry veteran with 17 years of experience, Rituparna Chakraborty was appointed senior VP of Indian staffing firm TeamLease Services in 2011, having joined the company in 2003 as VP. She is currently spearheading TeamLease’s Staffing business vertical as well as India’s first PPP Apprenticeship Programme — National Employability through Apprenticeship Programme. Prior to [...]

Natasha Clarke

2017-09-20T12:41:47-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

Natasha Clarke is chief people officer at SThree. Clarke started her career at SThree in 1994 when she joined Progressive as a recruitment consultant. In 1997, Clarke set up and served as managing director of Pathway, now a part of Real Staffing Group. She headed up SThree’s first office in the Middle East in 2008 [...]

Tania De Decker

2017-09-20T12:40:48-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

As senior VP for Randstad’s Global Solutions EMEA, Tania De Decker works with Fortune 500 companies to develop and implement processes that improve and drive recruitment and retention solutions. She is also responsible for solution design and implementing customer strategies on a global level. De Decker has more than 23 years’ experience in the staffing [...]

Junko Fukasawa

2017-09-20T12:40:05-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

Junko Fukasawa is executive officer and VP/director at Pasona Group. Fukasawa first joined Pasona as a director in 1993 before being promoted to managing director in 1999. She was appointed president of Pasona Heartful when the subsidiary, which is dedicated to promoting and supporting the employment of people with disabilities, was established in 2003. Under [...]

Leen Geirnaerdt

2017-09-20T12:38:51-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

Leen Geirnaerdt is CFO of the Dutch group USG People, which became a Recruit Holdings subsidiary in 2016. She assumed her role in 2010 and retained it after the acquisition was complete. Prior to acting as the group CFO, Geirnaerdt held various senior management positions within the group, including that of general manager of USG [...]

Farida Gibbs

2017-09-20T12:34:20-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

Farida Gibbs founded Gibbs S3, now known as Gibbs Hybrid, in 2005 as a privately held, globally certified woman-owned business enterprise and ethnic minority-owned business. The company provides total talent management services, program technology solutions and outsourcing as a service. Gibbs supports the “Women of the Future” Ambassadors Programme and sits on the advisory board [...]

Ekaterina Gorokhova

2017-09-20T12:30:20-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

Ekaterina Gorokhova is general manager and president of Russia’s Association of Private Employment Agencies, which was established in 2011 by key players of the Russian staffing market. She initiated the foundation of APEA and became the first leader of the association. She actively lobbied against Russia’s ban on temporary staffing and protested the country’s new [...]

Anna-Karin Hatt

2017-09-20T12:24:56-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

Anna-Karin Hatt is CEO of Almega, the employer and trade organization representing Sweden’s services sector. With nearly 75% of the country’s economically active population working in the services sector, Almega offers expertise in negotiations, pay scales, contracts, working environments, labor law and many other aspects of employment. Prior to joining Almega in 2015, Hatt was [...]

Anne Heraty

2017-09-20T12:24:11-07:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

Anne Heraty is CEO of Cpl Resources plc., a provider of workforce solutions, specialist recruitment, managed services and outsourcing. With annual turnover of more than €433 million, the company has more than 670 traditional employees. In any one week, Cpl also has more than 12,000 temp/contract staff under management in customer sites. Cpl has grown [...]

Ingrid Hofmann

2018-11-07T12:37:42-08:002017 Global Power 100, 2017 International 50|

Ingrid Hofmann is CEO of I.K. Hofmann (also known as Hofmann Personal). Founded in 1985 in Nuremberg, Germany, I.K. Hofmann is one of the largest staffing agencies in Europe and one of the five largest staffing firms in Germany. The company was awarded the highest award for business excellence in Germany, the Ludwig Erhard Prize, [...]

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