2016 International 50

Tania De Decker

2017-04-11T10:51:46-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Tania De Decker, in her role as global director, life sciences for Randstad, is responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of the brand’s global strategy. De Decker has more than 22 years’ experience in the staffing industry, having originally joined Randstad in 1994 as a branch manager in Ghent, Belgium. She was promoted to [...]

Melanie Forbes

2017-04-11T10:57:21-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Melanie Forbes, CEO of Guidant Group, inspires and motivates teams to maximize performance and achieve strategic objectives. She is also committed to challenging the norm in the wider recruitment industry. A passionate promoter of gender equality and disability inclusion in the recruitment sector and beyond, Forbes has championed initiatives such as Keeping Woman In, Women [...]

Junko Fukasawa

2017-04-11T10:59:29-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Junko Fukasawa has been senior managing executive officer and chief social contribution officer at Pasona Group since 2007. Fukasawa first joined Pasona as a director in 1993, before being promoted to managing director in 1999. She was appointed president of Pasona Heartful when the subsidiary, which is dedicated to promoting and supporting the employment of [...]

Leen Geirnaerdt

2016-10-25T14:31:17-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Leen Geirnaerdt is CFO and a board member of the Dutch group USG People. Japanese staffing giant Recruit Holdings completed its acquisition of USG People in July 2016. Before acting as the group CFO, Geirnaerdt held various senior management positions within the group, including general manager of USG People Belgium’s shared service center transactions and [...]

Farida Gibbs

2016-10-30T08:17:47-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Farida Gibbs is CEO of privately held and WBE-certified woman-owned business Gibbs S3. A multi-award winner, Gibbs has been consistently recognized for her work and achievements. She was named Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 at the RBS Asian Woman of Achievement Awards; named Business Woman of the Year in 2013 at the British Muslim Asian [...]

Ekaterina Gorokhova

2016-10-31T11:15:32-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Ekaterina Gorokhova is the general manager and president of APEA (Association of PrivateEmployment Agencies) Russia,which was  established in 2011 by key players of the Russian staffing market. She initiated the foundation of APEA and became the first leader of the Association and was actively involved in the lobbying against the ban of temporary staffing which [...]

Mariëtte Patijn

2016-10-25T14:59:30-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Mariëtte Patijn is an official at FNV Bondgenoten, the largest union in the Netherlands. She has been a member of FNV’s executive committee since May 2013. Patijn represents the interests of temporary workers and is the union’s coordinator for collective bargaining. She joined FNV as a secretary in 1990, quickly rising through the ranks. In [...]

Anna-Karin Hatt

2016-10-25T14:15:51-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Anna-Karin Hatt is the newly appointed CEO of Almega, the employer and trade organization representing Sweden’s services sector. With nearly 75% of the country’s economically active population working in the services sector, the company offers expertise in negotiations, pay scales, contracts, working environments, labor law and many other aspects of employment. Prior to joining Almega, [...]

Anne Heraty

2016-10-25T14:15:19-07:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Anne Heraty is CEO of Cpl Resources plc, a provider of workforce solutions, specialist recruitment, managed services and outsourcing. With annual revenue of more than of €390 million, the company has more than 650 in-house employees and about 10,000 temp/contract staff under management in customer sites per week. Heraty’s company has grown through both strong [...]

Ingrid Hofmann

2018-11-07T12:38:21-08:002016 Global Power 100, 2016 International 50|

Ingrid Hofmann is CEO of I.K. Hofmann (also known as Hofmann Personal). Founded in 1985 in Nuremberg, I.K. Hofmann is one of the largest staffing agencies in Europe and one of the 10 largest staffing firms in Germany. In 2010, I.K. Hofmann was awarded the Ludwig Erhard Prize, the highest award for business excellence in [...]

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